About the whale that swims over our bar

We get questions about the whale that hangs over our bar. What's it all about? Watch the short video below to see Ottawa artist Christopher Griffin explain how the artwork is a passionate statement about human cruelty and negligence toward whales. Then come in and grab a seat at the bar, order a pint and enjoy this original, local art! 

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Video: The story of our soap

We use local, sustainable ingredients whenever possible, and that's true even when washing hands. All of our washrooms how have handmade soaps from Bar Á Savon in Wakefield. We shot a short video with Bar Á Savon owner Ingrid. Enjoy!

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Recipe: Flora Hall Oatmeal Stout Beer Bread!

 We bake our breads fresh every day, including the loaves and loaves of our Oatmeal Stout Beer Bread that get dipped in soup or crunched with house pickles. Here’s the recipe from chef Linette, so you can try it at home and let us know how it goes! Flora Hall Oatmeal Stout Beer BreadIngredients1/4 cup honey (the kind from bees)1/4 cup molasses (the regular kind, not, like, pomegranate)1/4 cup yeast (it’s alive!)4 cups Flora Hall Oatmeal Stout9 cups white flour2 cups whole-wheat flour1 cup oats1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon salt (sounds finicky, we know, we know)Bloom the yeast in warmed...

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New mural at Flora Hall!

Dom Laporte has created a great mural inside Flora Hall Brewing. Watch the video below to find out how it came together, and why . . .  

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SOBDL’s Erica Campbell answers our Proust Beer questions!

Erica Campbell is cofounder and co-operator of the Toronto-based Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, which hosts its second “Bevy” in Ottawa Dec. 15. (All-Saints Event Space, click here for info and tickets on Facebook, or here on Eventbrite.) We asked Erica to complete our Proust Beer Questionnaire, and here are her answers . . . 1. The first beer I ever drank was . . . Brick Brewery Red Cap (from my Kitchener-Waterloo upbringing!) 2. The last beer I drank was . . . A pint of Henderson BEST Amber this afternoon at the Gladstone Hotel. 3. The best beer I’ve ever had was . . . Heady Topper...

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A limited-edition printing of Flora Hall woodcuts!

Get Flora Hall on your wall! Artist Guillermo Trejo made a woodcut of the brewery, and you can see it by the bar during Flora Fest 1 on Saturday, Oct. 27. Edition of 10 prints only, so get one soon from our friends at Studio Sixty Six in the Glebe!

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