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Dear Flora Hall Brewing,

Wasn’t Flora Hall on Hollywood Squares back in the day?


Malcolm Constance

Dear Malcolm Constance,

This is an excellent question that we wish we had asked of ourselves.

Firstly, we should explain to our younger readers that The Hollywood Squares was a television program that was popular many years ago, and which featured sardonic celebrities who answered questions such as, “In bowling, what is a perfect score?” (Rose Marie quipped, “Ralph, the pin boy.”)

Bada bing!

Frequent guests on the program included Paul Lynde and Vincent Price, who later when on to host The Price Is Right. The Hollywood Squares debuted in 1966 and was in and out of production until 2004, when television finally went off the air due to Snapchat.

With “back in the day” we believe you’re referring to the original series, and the answer to your question is, no. Flora Hall never appeared on The Hollywood Squares, because Flora Hall is not a real person.

Flora Hall Brewing is named to draw the focus to our building, with its long history as an iconic structure. It opened in the 1920s as an electrical garage, and later it was an auto garage, a place to repair cars. Now it is a brewery, a place to repair for a pint. It is a neighbourhood hall, a place to gather. So Flora Hall is real, in the community sense.

Oh, don’t let us mislead you, there are real people named Flora Hall, and though we know none of them personally, our Research & Canning Department has confirmed that none of them has appeared on The Hollywood Squares, nor on any other television game show, though Let’s Make a Deal was for many years hosted by Monty Hall (no relation).

Who, you ask, are these Flora Halls, or Floras Hall? (editor – check with Research & Canning). Well, for example, there is a minor British royal named Flora Hall who is 6,784th in line for the British throne and lives in Oxford. Others of the same name, who will never be royals, live in Ontario, Ohio, Oregon, Oaxaca, Oslo, and Zaire.

So, as you can see, the world is full of Flora (Floras?) Halls (Hall?). Whichever, the only “Flora Hall” at Flora Hall Brewing is the fictional title character in our popular weekly webisodes about an inquisitive child who searches the world for the perfect craft beer, Flora the Explorer.


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